Clothes Vocabulary in English for Kids

Clothes Vocabulary in English for Kids

Clothes are one of the significant basic needs in life and learning about different clothing items will help kids to develop language and motor skills. If you have a toddler, they will be very excited to learn about this topic as they get to play dress-up at home. In this article, we are sharing different clothing items in English for kids and how your kids can learn about them.

Clothing Vocabulary


Women Clothing Vocabulary


Men Clothing Vocabulary

Sun Hat
Wool Hat

Teaching Clothes Vocabulary To Kids – The Most Fun Ways

The Guessing Game

Kids are known to be curious, and you can even use their curiosity to teach them clothes vocabulary. In addition, the guessing game is actually a promising way of teaching them about clothing items and introducing them to clothes that they didn’t know about. With the guessing game, the students are shown an extensive range of clothing items and are given five seconds to guess every clothing item. In addition to teaching them the vocabulary, it’s also for reviewing their knowledge about clothing vocabulary. Keep in mind that it will activate kid’s current knowledge, which even enhances their learning.

Simon Says Game

There are so many classroom games available to enhance kid’s learning and grasp on specific subjects. However, the Simon Says game is a promising listening activity that helps practice the clothing vocabulary. But again, before you start this game, you must teach them how to put on different clothing items. For instance, you can say phrases like, take off the hat, put on the jacket, wrap around the muffler, and buckle the belt will keep them going. Now that kids have practiced, you can start the game. All in all, this game is extremely fun, and kids love it.


We all have played bingo, and it’s actually a great way of teaching kids about clothing items. This is basically a card game and can be played in every possible language. For this purpose, you need to make small flashcards with clothing items printed on the card. You can easily download and print the flashcards from the internet and allocate one set to your kid and keep one for yourself. Now, ask them to place the flashcards horizontally and begin the game. Then, simply ask your kid, “I want to buy a jacket,” and watch kids skim through the flashcards and find one with the jacket. This will actually initiate their thought process, and their learning capacity will enhance.

Drawing Game

Drawing is every kid’s favorite activity, and this way of teaching clothing vocabulary is actually fun, and kids will enjoy the learning process. For this reason, just get the A4 papers, coloring pencils, and scissors. With this activity, give them a paper, assign them a clothing item, and ask them to draw. For instance, you can ask them to draw a hat or a shirt. Also, when the drawing is done, ask kids to cut the shapes with a scissor and ask them to compare the drawing with a real clothing item. This drawing activity will help them enhance their understanding of different clothing items.

Board Game

No activity can be better than a board game when it comes down to teaching the clothes vocabulary. There are various boards available online, and you can print down any suitable option from the internet. When you have the board game printed on the sheet, give them a pencil and ask them to spin the pencil. Whatever pencil stops at, ask your kid to make a dialog based on the clothing item.

Just Talk

If nothing seems to work out and kids are unable to memorize different clothing items, just tell them what is what while dressing them up. For instance, if you are helping them wear socks, simply ask them, “what is it?” and let them guess. There are chances that they make wrong guesses, but they will eventually learn. Lastly, you can also ask them to guess the clothing product while shopping to make it more interactive!

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