"Develop your child conversation with AI Buddies"

    Learning English effectively starts with speaking English (and the research proves it!). This is where the Chat Buddies come in. These adorable, smart characters will engage your child in a two-way conversation, personalized to their English-speaking level.

    Our Chat Buddies will accompany your child all along their English-speaking journey, continuously improving their skills with tips and suggestions whenever the need arises!
    This interactive approach is a great and effective way to teach English in a fun, natural, and engaging manner. 

    Let's Take You on a Tour!

    The Mini Chat feature is a fun, interactive, voice recognition game championed by our adorable AI chat buddies.

    Our little learners can chose from a wide selection of topics and immediately start practicing chatting with Maxi, Nana, Big Blue, or Noodle Monster, our adorable AI Characters! 

    Get to know our AI Chat Buddies

    Your Planet Level

    We created an easy system that matches your child’s skills with their learning level. Each of our chats is separated into 3 levels: Yellow Planet, Blue Planet, and Green Planet.

    Yellow Planet

    Yellow Planet chats are geared towards beginners and introduce students to ‘beginner level’ conversation skills. Students will learn new vocab words and practice speaking using short phrases and sentences. At this stage, they will mostly repeat after our chat buddies but will also be able to reply in a basic manner by saying “Yes/No”, Yes, I do/No, I don’t”

    Blue Planet

    Blue Planet chats introduce new vocab words and longer sentence patterns. At this stage, students will be encouraged to come up with their own words, but will still have to repeat the new words and sentences they’re listening to.

    Green Planet

    Green Planet chats introduce more complex vocabulary and longer sentences.
    Young learners will have to repeat new sentence structures and answer back using a variety own answers. 

    What will your child learn?

    With over 7 levels of content covering 400+ lessons 2000 activities, your child will be able to speak English in real life situations, instilling a sense of confidence in their natural environment. Your child will acquire more than 1000 new words and 50 sentence frames covering the following topics:

    Things at School 





    My Family


    Basic Actions

    Zoo Animals

    My Friends

    My Toys

    My Pets

    My Body

    My Clothes

    My School


    My House

    In The Kitchen

    In The Bathroom

    Getting Dressed

    Many More...

    On-Demand Classes

    Mini Chats will allow students to listen in on conversations revolving around real-world topics, engage in personalized conversations, and improve their listening and speaking skills. Mini Chats also include fun games to reinforce what they learned in a fun way, and allowing students to apply what they’ve learned with the use of different scenarios and examples.

    Educational Development Team

    Rick Saint, M. Div.

    Chief Academic Officer
    Originally from the United States, Rick has more than 15 years of experience as a teacher, university administrator, and head of international schools.

    Johan Francis, M. Ed

    Curriculum Developer
    From Kimberly, South Africa, Johan is a former professor of English Language at Daejeon University, in Daejeon, South Korea with 10 years experience in international education.

    Anna Prieto, M.Ed, LSP

    Educational Advisor
    From Barcelona, Spain, Anna is a licensed psychologist with more than 30 years experience in education, including serving as the head of international schools in 8 countries.

    Johanna Moors, M. Ed

    Educational Advisor
    With more than 10 years in education, Johanna is a former lecturer at the University of Dawei. She is a former teacher representative for the Foundation Public Education on the Amstel, in Amersterdam, Holland.
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