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    Learning about space can be exciting and confusing. However, parents can help their kids start discovering the wonders of astronomy with cool and simple space vocabulary that the little ones can understand.

    Planet Name for Kids:

    One of the most familiar words related to space is “planets,” especially those in our solar system. Here are the English names for the planets and their definitions.

    A large object that circles around the sun or any other star.

    Dwarf Planet
    An object that is smaller than a planet, but is round and orbits the sun.

    The planet in our solar system that’s closest to the sun.

    The planet that is similar in size to Earth.

    The planet we live on.

    The fourth planet from our sun, sometimes called the “Red Planet.”

    The dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter.

    The biggest planet in our solar system.

    The planet surrounded by a system of rings.

    The planet in our solar system that’s furthest from the sun.

    The planet that rolls rather than spins.

    The dwarf planet that used to be considered the planet furthest from our sun.

    Sun, Moon, and Star Vocabulary

    Let’s explore some of the brightest objects in space with a vocabulary list related to the sun, moons, and stars!

    A group of stars in the sky that form specific patterns from certain locations.

    A large group of stars is held together by gravity.

    The name for the North Star.

    Milky Way
    The galaxy we live in.

    A natural object that moves around a bigger natural object.

    Dust or gas cloud you find between stars

    Neutron Star
    A star is made out of uncharged nucleons, or the parts that make up a nucleus.

    Shooting Star
    A meteor.

    Solar Flare
    Particles and energy that burst from the sun at once.

    Shining gas is held in a ball by its own gravity.

    The star in the middle of our solar system.

    The bright explosion of a star.

    White Dwarf
    What’s left after a star collapses.

    When children learn new words about astronomy and space, they can start their own journey of discovery! This is a great beginning for your kids’ development in English as well as their curiosity and imagination.

    To learn planet names in English for kids, you can download the Galaxy Kids app – the best English learning app for kids!

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