Why at Galaxy Kids, we focus on learning to speak English first

Here’s a story about Galaxy Kids and how it came to life. 

How it all started

Galaxy Kids’ founder had his own struggles learning English growing up. 

As he grew older, he realized that this problem was more common than he thought. The struggle was real, everywhere.

Together with an IT background, he decided to import and distribute intelligent Robots that could speak, listen, and interact with kids. In English.

But there was one problem

The robots had an expensive price tag. Many people wanted them and very few people could afford them. But one thing was clear: the need for an engaging, results-driven, English-speaking tool. 

This inspired our CEO to create Galaxy Kids: a highly educational English-learning product (2000+ interactive lessons, games and songs) where kids 3-7 can learn to speak in a record time while they practice and play.

Learning to speak English from a young age: the research 

Children learn languages best between ages 0-10. During that time, a child’s brain is like play dough. The brain is flexible and can be easily moulded and shaped. Actually, a child’s brain is about 21 times more active than the adult brain. 

Galaxy Kids was designed to make use of this window of opportunity; a step-by-step curriculum carefully designed for kids aged 3-7, using storytelling and world-class animations that would drive engagement up to the roof. 

Why do we focus on speaking at Galaxy Kids?

A baby learns his mother tongue by listening and speaking rather than reading and writing. This is how the child picks up conversation skills. 

We even realize today that many EFL learners can write and read English but still can’t speak it with confidence.

With our founder’s experience and after extensive research, we realized that importance too. Using artificial intelligence, we built our unique chat buddies; conversation buddies that can talk, teach, ask questions, listen to your child and correct their speaking skills. 

Children could now speak, interact and play with our characters like they did with our Robots. 

Galaxy Kids today 

So, Galaxy Kids is not just a fun way to learn English. It is a scientific and effective way for kids to have English conversations with confidence. It is the end result of our app designer’s search for a solution: How to help your kids to be confident in English conversation.



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