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    Galaxy Kids Mini Chat: Restaurant

    Nana: Hello! My name is Nana. Are you hungry?
    Nana: I’m hungry. Oopsie! Let’s go inside.

    Maxi: Hello! My name is Maxi. I will be your waiter. What do you want to order?
    Nana: I want spaghetti please.
    Maxi: Spaghetti with cheese or with meatballs?
    Nana: Spaghetti with cheese.
    Maxi: What size? Small, medium or large?
    Nana: One small spaghetti with cheese. How about you? What do you want to order? Spaghetti or pizza?

    Nana: Do you want cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza?

    Nana: What size do you want? Small, medium or large?

    Maxi: Thank you for your order.

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