AI Chat Buddies: Our Smart Conversation Partners


    We bet you still remember your childhood friends. 


    We bet some of them are still your closest friends today. 


    In fact, think of any childhood memory. The memories that stick with us today are
    often the emotional, pleasant, and funny ones.  


    At a young age, learning English works in similar ways. 


    The more relatable, fun, and engaging the learning experience is, the longer the learning sticks.

    The Galaxy Method: a proven method designed by top educational experts

    The Galaxy Method was crafted exactly with that idea in mind. 


    Our method combines the best of both worlds: a CEFR-based curriculum mixed with a play-based, natural learning environment where your child can thrive.



    We focus on nurturing your child’s English speaking skills


    In their early years, our kids naturally learn languages through listening and speaking.


    In fact, the UK government adapted its curriculum to make speaking and listening one of its prime areas of learning. Today, the EYFS curriculum is being used all over the world. 


    At Galaxy Kids, we do just that. We focus on building your child’s speaking skills through mixed-format lessons, educational games, songs and conversation practice.  


    With the Galaxy Kids app, your child can actually speak with our Ai Chat Buddies


    Conversation is the most natural way to pick up a language and encourages practice, repetition, and good pronunciation. 


    This is why we have conversation playmates for your child to interact with: our AI Chat Buddies


    These are the best friends your child can practice their speaking and pronunciation skills with. What’s more, they all speak English in a native accent.



    Our Chat Buddies: can they really listen and talk back to your child? 




    We created a personalized, artificial intelligence technology to enable a two-way chat between your child and our characters!


    With our voice-recognition software, our chat buddies will correct your little one’s pronunciation, and you get the chance to listen to it as well (which usually calls for a good time!) 


    Who are our Chat Buddies? 


    Our Ai Chat Buddies are cute, fun, and always available to play with!


    Look at Nana, she is always excited to learn, speaks clearly, and is super cute! The best example of a study buddy your kid can have. 


    Perhaps your child will enjoy studying with Noodle Monster, who is quite funny. He can’t wait to learn new words and shouts them out with enthusiasm. He will help them to become enthusiastic English speakers too!




    Or will your child enjoy a more relaxed friend at a slower pace? Well, then there’s Big Blue with his careful pronunciation.



    We reward practice and good pronunciation. 



    Rewards encourage your child’s good behavior but also motivate them to do more of the things we want them to do, like speaking English!


    At Galaxy Kids, we make sure your child gets rewarded for their pronunciation and practice efforts. They will earn gems after completing each lesson. They’re also in for lots of encouraging words, claps, toys from the playroom, you name it!


    Your kids won’t even know they are practicing their English conversation skills. 


    For a young learner, playing and learning should go together. 


    Language learning should be exciting. You can learn with your child while creating some great childhood memories. Playing with our AI Chat Buddies while learning is the way to go! 


    Introduce your child to our AI Chat Buddies and watch them learn while having fun with Nana, Maxi, Big Blue, and the rest of the AI gang!


    We hope to have you with us at Galaxy Kids soon. In the meantime, take a sneak-peak at some of our success stories!



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